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Learn how to code or improve your skills through programming exercises

How does Neps works?

Neps is packed with many functionalities to help you achieve your goals (while having a lot of fun). But the basic idea is pretty straight forward.

If you are a true beginner you can start from the very basic, learning concepts like "what is a computer?" and "what is a programming language?". Quickly you will learn how to program and will be training advanced concepts like Dynamic Programming, Graphs and Complex Data Structures (yes, you can start in the advanced part if you already know your way through programming).

You will write code to practical programming exercises in multiple programming languages (including Python, Javascript, C, C++ and Java) and prove that you learned the content. The exercises start at an easy level and become more and more challenging as you advance. Solving real programming exercises is the best way to sharp your programming skills!

Our platform will evaluate your code in real-time. In some seconds you will know if your code is correct, if it is wrong, maybe it is too slow, and so on... This way will you know that you are really learning the content and not just pretending 😄.

Who is using Neps?

The best computer programmers are here! Everyone that wants to learn or improve their coding skills use Neps, from beginners to experienced programmers.

Some people are doing a computer science-related course at the university and want a supplementary material. They enjoy Neps because it is super interactive and have an amazing community. Be able to exchange knowledge with people all around the world is amazing.

Some people are training for programming competitions like IOI or ICPC. Neps is one of the best sites in the world do it. In addition to having an online judge (a software that checks the correctness of submitted code), it also teaches most of the concepts required in such competitions. All in one place.

Some people are already working (or want to start they career) in big tech companies. Such companies require its programmers to have a solid knowledge of basic programming techniques and algorithms. To keep their skills always sharp, these programmers use Neps to learn and practice.

What more can I do at Neps?

Additionally to our courses, programming exercises and the Online Judge software (the one that evaluate your code), you will enjoy our other features.

We have a Discord Server with thousands of students. It is the perfect place to share your knowledge and experiences with people that want to improve as much as you do. You can discuss solutions to programming exercises, talk about some programming technique or even talk about some course that you are taking this semester at the University. In short, it is a nice place to meet nice people 😉.

Neps has a Progression System that allows you to track your skills through different subjects. Additionally, it also has rankings where you can evaluate yourself against students all around the world. This two systems combined help you to keep yourself always motivated and ready to achieve the next goal.

We regularly host programming competitions where you are required to solve programming exercises under time pressure. But that is not all, at Neps you can create your own competitions. You can use any programming exercise available at Neps or create your own. Competitions are a great way to have fun with friends!

At Neps we are all about community! So everyone can create new programming exercises and share them with the community. If you have a PRO subscription you can even create your own competitions to have fun with friends or challenge people in your institution.

To keep you updated with the latest news we have a Blog. There you will find the news about Neps like new features and development updates. Additionally, we also post news about programming like recommendations of tools, tips and tricks and tutorials that may not fit in one of our courses.

For professors and schools that want to keep track of their students we offer the Professor's Platform. There, professors can organize their students in classes, create exercises lists, programming competitions only to the members of the class and have a close relationship with their students. It is a great way to track how their students are evolving their programming skills.

We will start migrating our Professor's Platform only after the Early Access.

"All these features must cost a fortune!!!"

Not at all. Most of the features at Neps are completely free and to access some PRO features you will need a cheap subscription. You can learn more about our subscription clicking on the button below.
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