Welcome to Neps Global Launch


Hello everyone,

Welcome to Neps Academy. We are a teaching platform with a focus on computer science and programming.

Thousand of students have been using Neps to improve their programming skills. Some of them just want to ace their university exams, and others wish to train to participate in programming competitions. At the same time, professional developers use Neps to keep their programming skills sharp so that they can perform their job better.

We have been the best website in Brazil to learn programming for the past years, recommended even by the official programming competitions. Now we are coming to the world!

You will find a ton of content on the courses page, where you can get started or improve your programming skills. Our courses are divided into free and PRO courses. The free courses are obviously free 😁, you will need a subscription for the PRO courses.

Besides the courses, you can train and test yourself using hundreds of programming exercises (also completely free). We provide an Online Judge that will rate your solution in real-time. If you had used URI Online Judge, Kattis or Codeforces, you already know what to expect. For those who don’t, an Online Judge is the software that evaluates your code and gives you feedback if your solution is correct, wrong, too slow or have further problems, as you can see in Figure 1.

Figure 1

So this is Neps, a place where you will study new programming concepts, practice (a lot) and show the world that you are a great programmer and more importantly, having a lot of fun while doing it 😄. Since you will get better fast, we provide two ways to track your progress; you can use the Rankings to compare yourself with other programmers or use our Progression System that you can have a glimpse in Figure 2 (we will explain it in details in a future post).

Figure 2

We have so much more to show you; Neps provide so many more features. However, I don’t want to get a super long text here, so I am going to finish it now 😅, we can discuss the other features on future posts.

I hope you enjoy your stay here, the absolute best part of Neps is its community, so I encourage you to get in touch with other students at our Discord server. If you find any bug, please report it on Discord or our Gitlab page.

Have an amazing day!