Contest Replay: Brazilian Programming Contest 2019

Competitive Programming


On 08.05.2021, we are going to host the Latin America phase of the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) here at Neps. This competition took place on 08.11.2019, and we are going to run it again to give those that could not participate a chance to try themselves and those that participate to check how much they improved since then.

Details about this competition

The competition is composed of 13 programming exercises from different subjects, including basic programming, graphs, programming techniques, data structures and more.

The competition starts at 17:00h (UTC) and has a duration of 5 hours.

How you can participate

To join the competition, you need to login into your Neps Academy account and must access the competition link. From there, just click on Join Competition.

At Neps, you can also participate in the competitions as a team. To do it, you must first create a team and invite your friends. For more details on how to create a team, check this link.

On the competition dashboard, click in Join Competition, then select if you want to participate alone or select which team you want to register. Next, click Join.

It is important to note that some competitions don’t allow teams, while others only allow teams. In the Latin America Programming Contest, both are allowed. We do recommend you to participate with the same team that you are already training for the official competitions. However, it is also possible to participate alone.

IMPORTANT: Only one person in the team should register the team in the competition. All members of the team will automatically have access to the competition after the team is registered. Also, pay attention that if a person is a member of a team that is participating in the competition, he/she will not be able to join as an individual.

Don’t know what Latin America Programming Contest is?

The Latin America phase of ICPC is the second phase during the qualifying of the teams in Latin America to the worlds final. During the first phase, each country had an internal competition that selected its best teams to participate in the Latin America phase.

It is intended for undergraduate and early graduate students in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Systems, Mathematics, etc. The competition promotes students creativity, teamwork skills, the search for new software solutions, and the ability to solve problems under pressure. From year to year, we have observed that the institutions and mainly the large companies in the area have valued the students who participate in the Brazilian Programming Contest.

The team competitors must collaborate to figure out the easiest problems, design the tests, and build the solutions that are approved by the competition judges. Some problems require only understanding, others knowledge of more sophisticated techniques, and some can be really very difficult to solve.

Next Replays

Thanks to your feedback, from the next Replay on we will no longer publish the name of the competition. We will only inform if it’s a competition for people training for the ICPC or for the IOI.

Why you should compete in Programming Competitions

Programming competitions are a great way to test yourself and know where you need to improve.

Usually, when students are training alone, they avoid subjects that they don’t like and focus on subjects that they feel more comfortable with. In competitions, this is not possible. You are given a set of problems from the many different subjects that you need to solve under time pressure.

While there are definitely benefits of study an organized program, exactly as we do here at Neps, include competitions in your training schedule will make you evolve faster.