A brand new releasing: Neps Academy Companion


Hello, everyone!

My name is Allan, and I’ve been a Neps user for a while, but only recently I started to study Competitive Programming a little deeper.

With that, I went looking for some tools that could speed up the correction of problems. I ended up finding the Competitive Programming Helper (cph), a plugin for the Visual Studio Code, and the Competitive Companion, a browser extension.

How they work is conceptually quite simple but very interesting: when you are on the page of some exercise (from URI, for example), you can press the button in the extension bar, and the test cases will be automatically loaded into the editor. See:

Figure 1

Figure 2

Then, instead of running the cases one by one, just click Run All and the program will take care of testing them for you, telling you if there are any problems and showing you the execution time:

Figure 3

Seeing this, I started thinking that it would be very interesting to enable this function for the Neps Academy. Since the Competitive Companion is open source and has good documentation, I managed to make the first version and sent it to Thiago.

It was still very simple, had many problems and consisted basically of a small script, but he liked the idea and saw that the best option would be to actually make our own extension. This would allow us both a good learning of how the creation of these small programs works and the possibility, in the future, to add other features that will be useful to the users of the platform.

And so we did. After a little time researching, coding and testing, it is finally out and available for both Chrome and Firefox, besides having a GitHub repository where you can ask questions, see the source code, make suggestions and comment on bugs.

The usage is exactly the same: when you are on the page of an exercise, click on the Neps icon in the extension bar, and it will be sent to your editor with everything ready and loaded for you:

Figure 4

Figure 5

We hope that other features can be added in the future to make your experience better and better, so any and all ideas are welcome.

Take care and have a good study! 😃